One of the first things I ever purchased, which eventually led me down the path of building my home gym, was the kettlebell. They are a great tool to help you improve on your overall strength, stability, flexibility, and coordination. 

Kettlebells are also a great addition to your gym for several reasons:

-They require very little space
-Can last years if properly taken care of

Some drawbacks of kettlebells are:

-Certain kettlebell movements have a bit of a learning curve 
-Building a full and extensive collection can be pricey

While building an entire collection (aka having pairs of every single weight) can be expensive, it is important to realize you don’t need a complete collection! You can get plenty of work done with just a few weights. One brand that sticks out is the Kettlebell Kings. I have followed this particular brand for sometime. They are known for their extensive line of cast iron and competition kettlebells. The Kettlebell Kings cast iron kettlebells are made from a single cast and are powder coated to ensure their durability. Every bell has colored bands and the weight stamped on the kettlebell to ensure that the weight is easily identifiable. One thing you will notice is as you move up and down in weight the size of the kettlebell will change. While this is not an issue for the everyday fitness enthusiast someone who is looking to compete in kettlebell sports will have different needs. This is where the competition kettlebell comes into the play. The competition kettlebell is made so that it remains the same size and dimensions despite the weight of the bell. 
Resistance bands

If your looking for something even more entry level, space friendly, and economic then picking up a pack of resistance bands could be a great way to start. You can pretty much do anything and everything with bands in terms of exercises and stretches. Not only that but if you already have some equipment it can be a useful addition to shake things up. There are many styles of resistance bands as a quick web search will show you, but there are some that are better than others. Getting a set of pull up bands are a great because they are probably the most versatile, but are still durable. On Amazon there are tons of brands to choose from, but from personal experience the Fitness Insanity Heavy Duty Resistace Bands have been a great addition to my personal home gym. Not only have they lasted me years at this point, but they also came with a bag for easy storage, and a poster illustrating all of the different exercises you can perform!

Foam Rollers

So you’ve been killing the game and putting in the work, but you're feeling a little sore. One of the more important lessons you’ll learn on your fitness journey is that how you recover is just as important as putting the work in. While being a little sore is a good indicator that you got a good workout being too sore can keep you from performing in your next session. A great tool to alleviate muscle soreness is the foam roller. Rollers massage the muscle to help promote blood flow and loosen tight muscles. While there may be some debate on the effectiveness of foam rollers, I personally have enjoyed using them to help recover. When choosing a foam roller, it is important to note that since you will be putting your full body weight on it you want to purchase something that is well constructed. I personally use the 22’ RumbleRoller Gator because it can support my full body weight and is textured, which helps with muscle compression and cross friction. The level of texture is ideal because it’s perfectly in between smooth rollers and overly textured rollers. 

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